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Experience Belvedere Golf Club

One of the Most Prestigious Courses in Northern Michigan

The Belvedere Golf Club, designed by acclaimed golf course architect William Watson, is one of the most historic & celebrated golf clubs in Northern Michigan. Located just south of Charlevoix, Belvedere is a classic parkland golf club that is challenging enough to test today’s best golfers yet playable enough for the novice weekend player. Belvedere offers a Michigan golf experience that is different from today’s modern Northern Michigan golf courses. The very walkable par 72 design extends to 6906 yards and offers challenging 3 and 4 pars with 5 pars that reward aggressive play with birdie and eagle opportunities.

Yardage Course Rating Slope
Black 6906 73.6 131
Blue 6601 72.2 129
White 6285 70.4 128
Brown 6091 69.5 126
Green 5507 66.5 115

Hole 1

The first hole begins from the highest point of the property looking down over the valley. A medium length par 4 plays down into the valley with trees on the left and the hillside with fescue on the right. A good drive leaves a short iron to a small challenging green perched up into a hill.

Handicap Men’s 13 / Ladies 5
Black 370
Blue 368
White 362
Brown 353
Green 347

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Hole 2

The second hole is a lengthy par 4 that plays into the prevailing wind. Keep the tee shot left of center to avoid the winding creek that comes into play on the front nine.

Handicap Men’s 5 / Ladies 13
Black 447
Blue 403
White 385
Brown 375
Green 308

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 3

The third hole, which usually plays downwind, is a slight dogleg left par 4 with the creek winding across the fairway. A good tee-shot will leave a mid-short iron into a large green complex.

Handicap Men’s 11 / Ladies 9
Black 434
Blue 388
White 373
Brown 339
Green 324

Northern Michigan Golf

Hole 4

The fourth hole is one of the best par 3’s in northern Michigan. Measuring a stout 236 yards, this hole requires a precise long iron or fairway wood to small green that is perched slightly above the ground. The best place to be is short right on misses.

Handicap Men’s 7 / Ladies 15
Black 230
Blue 220
White 200
Brown 190
Green 154

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 5

The fifth hole is the first par five on the course and an excellent three shot hole. The hole measures 541 yards and moves from right to left. Out of bounds is tight along the left side and a bunker guards the right. The hole plays into the prevailing wind. A strong tee-shot is required. The second shot must be played to the left side of the fairway to avoid the large willow tree, and also avoid the creek that meanders through the hole. A par here is a good score.

Handicap Men’s 1 / Ladies 1
Black 537
Blue 518
White 475
Brown 466
Green 428

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 6

The sixth hole requires accuracy off the tee. A dogleg right, the tee-shot must avoid the bunker and trees on the right and out of bounds to the left. The second shot is uphill to one of the most challenging greens on the course.

Handicap Men’s 9 / Ladies 3
Black 383
Blue 368
White 354
Brown 336
Green 330

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 7

The seventh hole is the strongest par 4 on the front side. The tee-shot is best played down the left side of the fairway to avoid a blind second sheet, but players must beware of the out-of-bounds on the left. The second shot is played to a large green that slopes from right to left.

Handicap Men’s 3 / Ladies 11
Black 460
Blue 431
White 394
Brown 394
Green 318

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 8

The eighth hole is a short strategic par three that plays up hill and into the prevailing wind. The heavily contoured green is guarded on both sides by large bunkers. It is best to keep the ball below the hole.

Handicap Men’s 17 / Ladies 17
Black 162
Blue 152
White 142
Brown 136
Green 125

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 9

The ninth hole is a great par 5 that plays back up to the clubhouse area. The tee-shot requires accuracy with out-of-bounds on the left and strategically placed bunkers on the right. With the wind, the bunkers can be carried, making the hole reachable with a long iron or fairway wood.

Handicap Men’s 15 / Ladies 7
Black 478
Blue 469
White 457
Brown 447
Green 384

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 10

The tenth hole is the second of back-to-back par 5’s and another good scoring opportunity. The hole plays downhill with trees along the left and out-of-bounds on the right. A good drive could set up a reachable second shot, but players must avoid the fairway cross bunkers that come into play about 75 yards short of the green.

Handicap Men’s 12 / Ladies 10
Black 527
Blue 521
White 509
Brown 502
Green 426

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 11

The eleventh hole is the first of three solid par fours on the back nine. The hole plays into the prevailing wind and uphill to one of the most challenging greens on the course.

Handicap Men’s 4 / Ladies 2
Black 394
Blue 387
White 366
Brown 348
Green 342

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 12

Hole twelve is a long par four that requires a solid tee-shot down the left side to avoid the sloping hill on the right. The second shot is played downhill to a challenging green complex. Club selection is very important.

Handicap Men’s 8 / Ladies 12
Black 424
Blue 418
White 387
Brown 380
Green 357

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 13

The thirteenth hole is medium length par four, which often plays downwind. The second shot needs to favor the right side of the green as it drops off severely on the left side.

Handicap Men’s 10 / Ladies 14
Black 414
Blue 389
White 386
Brown 376
Green 341

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 14

The fourteenth hole is a straightforward par 3 with bunkers guarding both sides of the green. The green is set back into the trees where the wind does not affect the shots too much unless it is playing downwind.

Handicap Men’s 18 / Ladies 16
Black 200
Blue 173
White 159
Brown 153
Green 145

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 15

The fifteenth hole is the most exciting par five on the course. Do not let the yardage fool you at just 465 yards. The tee shot requires accuracy down the right center of the fairway, avoiding the fairway bunker on the right. Today’s long hitters can try to cut the corner and drive it to the bottom of the hill leaving a short to mid-iron to the green. The second shot from the top of the hill requires accuracy with a long iron or fairway wood to a green guarded by bunkers. Beware of the prevailing left to right wind that can carry shots out of bounds.

Handicap Men’s 16 / Ladies 8
Black 465
Blue 459
White 452
Brown 441
Green 405

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 16

Hole 16 is one of the great short par 4’s in America. Measuring only 346 yards, the hole plays uphill to one of the great green sites anywhere. The smallest green on the course is set into the hillside requiring accuracy with a short to mid-iron approach shot. Favor the left side of the green, as shots missed right will fall down the hill leaving a difficult pitch shot. Be careful not to putt it off the green when the pin is on the right side.

Handicap Men’s 6 / Ladies 6
Black 346
Blue 340
White 315
Brown 292
Green 263

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 17

Hole 17 is a tough par 3 with a green set into the hillside on the right. Avoid missing shots to the left, as they will fall off down the hill leaving a difficult recovery. The best shot is always played to the right side using the hillside, which will deflect the ball onto the green.

Handicap Men’s 14 / Ladies 18
Black 179
Blue 175
White 165
Brown 165
Green 153

Belvedere Golf Club

Hole 18

Hole 18 is a very strong finishing hole requiring accuracy off the tee. The tee-shot must land left of two well-placed bunkers with tall fescue grass on the right and a huge maple tree on the left that will block all approach shots. The second shot is to the most challenging green on the course, which includes several large mounds and slopes. If you miss this green, up and in will be very challenging.

Handicap Men’s 2 / Ladies 4
Black 456
Blue 422
White 404
Brown 398
Green 357

Belvedere Golf Club